5 Ways To Get More Email List Subscribers


We could all use some more people on our email list, right? After all, email is the best way to keep in contact with your customers, send them discounts, deliver awesome content, and of course make them offers.

However, sometimes we just sit at our computer screen, watching as day by day goes on, and the subscriber count sits at a disgracefully low number.

It's ok, we've all been there.

Better yet, there are active measures you can take to ensure you are getting as many people to that list as possible.

Here are 5 ways to make that a reality.

1: Take Massive Action

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at just how many people refuse to take action. This goes from the layabout who doesn't even bother making a Facebook business page up to the scholarly procrastinator that studies hard but never seems to make time to finish that autoresponder campaign. The worst action you can possibly take is none at all, and even if you feel like you aren't ready, START DOING SOMETHING! Trust me, there will be plenty to do once you actually get started, so take that first step and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!

2: Set Up Portals From Your Traffic Sources

So, you've finally decided to create a Facebook business page. You've been posting for a while, and people seem to enjoy your content.

"Wait, did I make sure to set up the integration to my mailing list?"

There is nothing more disappointing than getting people interacting with your content, only to realize that you haven't made it simple for your fans to sign up to your list.

People are naturally lazy, and need to be pointed in the right direction. That means not only asking people to take action, but giving them simple steps to take that action. The more pages they have to bounce back and forth between, the more chances you have of losing that lead. Whether that be linking to your landing page at the bottom of your YouTube videos, or paying for advertisement, make sure to make it as easy as possible to get that email address.

Your subscribers will thank you for it.

3: Don't Forget To Have Fun On Social Media

I've made a whole video about how excellent things like quizzes are for lead acquisition, and it still rings true. People love to have fun on social media, and you should too. Yes, you need to keep the professionalism of your brand in mind, but that doesn't mean you have to be a stick in the mud. This is where you can really flex your creative muscles to create things that will get high levels of interaction.

Take Arby's for example. Not exactly my cup of tea when it comes to their food. However, their social media team absolutely kills it when it comes to engaging with their customers. They are well known for posting anime and other nerd culture related posts and photos, and tying it in to their menu items. It's really inventive, and it gets the brand out to thousands of new people on a daily basis.

So, while it's important to be professional, feel free to loosen the proverbial tie once in a while and really have fun with people.

4: Make Sure The Call To Action Is The First Thing They See

I know people are saying that websites are useless when you have powerful tools like Clickfunnels, but I would respectfully disagree. The reason for this is because your website acts like a central hub, a home to host all your content if the worst was ever to happen and you found yourself without a place to post your content. Think of your website like a piece of digital real estate. You are in total control, and have 100% ownership of your little slice of digital heaven.

However, it seems like many people still don't know how to leverage the front page of their website. Specifically, what we call "above the fold." This is the space of your website that you can see immediately when clicking onto the website before scrolling down.

This is where you want your most important directional content to be. This is where you place your navigation to your landing page or your opt-in form. When the opt-in form is the first thing your viewers see, it will stick in their mind, and they will remember it if they really enjoy your content. Your opt-in should always be the first thing somebody sees, and also keep opt-in sections in your sidebar. The more visible it is, the more you'll find your list growing.

5: Make Your Landing Page Attractive And Directional

Landing pages are a boon to your ability to get people to take action. This is why sales funnels are so effective. When you focus a single page toward one very specific action you would like your viewers to take, you'd be surprised how many actually take action. This is why you need to have a landing page that funnels your viewers directly to your opt-in form.

One good way to make your page more attractive is to have some visual representation of your lead magnet. If you have an ebook you are giving away, make a 3D mockup of the ebook and plaster that image right next to your opt-in form.

Another good way to make your landing page look attractive is to make between 3-5 short bullet points about what your viewer will get from joining the email list and some short information about what they can expect to find in your lead magnet. Each point should ideally be only one sentence, but make sure it is no more than 2 sentences. You want to make everything nice and concise on your landing page.


These are just a few actions you can take right now to increase the size of your mailing list. Again, I cannot stress the important of daily, consistent action. Tell yourself every day that you will do something, whatever you choose, that will push your business forward.

A wise man once said "A man moves mountains first by carrying small stones," and I am in full agreement. When you take small bits of action on a daily basis, you will be surprised at the results you will see after a year goes by.

Thank you for reading, and I'll see you in the next email.

Take care.

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