5 Reasons You May Be Failing At Internet Marketing


Let's be frank, building a legacy is not easy. I often use the word 'simple' when describing different processes and methods, but I always try to stay away from using the word easy. It takes an extreme amount of perserverence and tenacity. You need to be willing to spend extended time in an uncomfortable state. You need to be willing to keep putting in 110 percent, even when you arent seeing results.

With that being said, I can see why so many people start an internet marketing venture, but just as quickly abandon it. Not many people are made for these kind of emotional situations. However, if you can reign in your emotions, you can analyze exactly what you have done and where you are at. With this information at your disposal, you can make a very direct plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

This short guide will cover 5 reasons why you may be failing at internet marketing, and some tips on how to correct these problems.

1: You Don't Have The Right Work Ethic.

I completely understand. It takes a lot of work writing scripts, shooting videos, editing videos, creating thumbnails, writing blogs, writing emails, creating lead magnets, building funnels, and all the other tasks required to build your internet marketing venture. Most of us are working a job on top of trying to build this venture from scratch by ourselves. Sometimes you just come home exhausted and just want to rest. Sometimes you need to spend quality time with the family and kids. I truly do understand this.

The problem is that if you do the same thing every day without change, then you will be in the same place you are now. Being a business owner or a skilled freelancer requires a time investment along with a monetary investment. You need to be able to put in those extra hours every day, even when it seems like the hardest thing to do.

The best way to build this work ethic is to keep the end goal in mind, and attach a powerful emotion to that. You need to be able to imagine what life will look like once you've reached the peak and simply have to ride down the rest of the way. How will it feel when you don't have to work your job, spending your most precious resource just to make someone else rich? How will it feel to be able to provide everything you could ever want for your family? How will it feel to not have to feel so stressed out about making ends meet? I bet all of that sounds pretty amazing, right? That emotional state will be an important driving factor on those days where all you want to do is give up.

Conversely, there is also another important emotion to attach yourself to, the things you don't want. How does it feel not being able to pay your bills? How does it feel not being able to provide for your family? How does it feel living a life on somebody else's terms, on somebody else's timeframe, expending the one resource you will never get back? It feels pretty terrible, doesn't it? This emotional state can also be a powerful tool to whip yourself into action.

The important thing about these emotions is to balance them. Feel too good about yourself, and you'll spend more time dreaming and not enough time taking action. Feel too terrible, and you may sink yourself into a downward spiral that you may not be able to pull yourself out of. The beauty of life lies in it's balance, so keep that in your mind when trying to change your work ethic. Keep it up, and you will eventually achieve these goals you worked so hard to accomplish.

2: You Don't Have The Right Skills

So, you are a hard worker and have a good work ethic. You are willing to put that extra elbow grease into your goals. However, what is the difference between work that keeps you busy, and work that actually takes you to the next level? Usually it comes down to skills.

Work is usually a sliding scale when it comes to productivity, and the market often reflects this. It is the difference between people selling ebooks on Fiverr and the freelancers with their own sales funnels charging tens of thousands of dollars for a single written sales letter. While at the beginning it may be important to take many of these basic tasks upon yourself since you are the only employee, but eventually it will make much more sense to either hire a team to take care of these less productive tasks, or use the power of copy to represent you on paper or in a video.

I will eventually be writing an article about which skills can be the most lucrative, but if you pay attention to your field, it should be relatively reasonable to find out what work is in demand and what work is a dime a dozen.

Let's take the example of video intros. You want your YouTube videos to be more professional, so you spend a bunch of time goofing around in AfterEffects trying to learn everything for yourself. At this point it might be worthwhile to ask yourself a simple question. "Is this knowledge worth all this time messing around learning basics of animation, or would it be more prudent to simply hire someone to make me a few intros for 20 dollars on fiverr?" A good intro doesnt cost much, and can be used over and over again. Something that isn't so easily replicated is a high converting piece of copy. Taking all this into consideration, actually taking the time to learn what makes good copy will be a true investment in yourself, and one that can pay windfalls of money if you really put the time, focus, and found the right teacher that will teach you these fundamental and life changing skills. Which leads me to...

3: You Don't Have The Right Mentors

Not all of us know people who are rich business owners or wealthy freelancers. Some of us had to spend lots of time unlearning limiting beliefs. Either way, you might have spent a lot of time thinking that a mentor is out of reach, when that couldn't be further from the truth. Allow me to explain.

We don't have to personally know someone for them to be a mentor. Many of these people we would consider mentors either have multiple online courses or have written many books about their journey and how they learned the process of wealth creation. One of my personal mentors was Robert Kiyosaki. After I unlearned my limiting beliefs, I was able to pick up "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" with a new outlook and my world was changed. The things I learned from these books I would never be able to learn in a college course, and it proved to be much more valuable to me.

However, you can't expect to just gain a wealthy mentor without being willing to invest. This is why books and courses are so important. If you find somebody who is the real deal, and who has really made a name for themselves in a field you want to study, it would behoove you to pick up whatever they offer on the topic, and truly integrate it into your being. Afterwards, take that knowledge and start taking massive action. You would be surprised at how far a few simple courses or books can take you.

4: You have No Network

All right, so you are really getting there now. You have the work ethic, the skills, and are investing in learning from a mentor. However, what good will any of this do if you have nobody to peddle your services to? This is why a network is key.

It doesn't take too much to build a network, but the consequences of not having a network are dire. Not to mention both can be easily seen from an analytical perspective. Usually a network can be gained simply by doing good work for people over a period of time. This is why I recommend people start off using a platform with a big name attached to it when you are just starting to build a network. You can use this time to not only sharpen your skills, but as time goes you will get more and more clients. This is the benefit of the platform. There are just as many people looking for you as people like you looking for them. It becomes a numbers game, but the more you build, the more you stack your value. This is especially true if you have been able to get good reviews or testimonials from past clients or customers.

The goal of network building is to eventually have a reputation that preceeds you wherever you go. You'd be surprised at how small these circles are, and word travels around pretty quickly when there is someone around who has an incredibly valuable skill. Demand for these skills are always going up, so being able to capitalize on this trend can help many people.

However, if you don't have good work ethic and you don't consistently sharpen your skills or create content, then it's easy to get lost in the shuffle of so many other marketers or freelancers that just as quickly get forgotten about as they did in joining the fads. It's pretty amazing that these fields can still be so lucrative when there are thousands of people joining every day. Don't be like the rest of the disappearing marketers or freelancers. Keep doing your work, and offer your services to many different people. Eventually you will reach a point where more people are reaching out to you than you reaching out to these people.

5: You Don't Understand Systems or How To Analyze Them

This is by far the most abstract of all the other concepts, but once you get a clear understanding of this, wealth will often come to you naturally. This concept is what separates the real entrepreneurs from the trendy business owners. This also takes a little from every other concept I have discussed in this article, so there may be some redundancies. However, this is also where we bring all the pieces together.

Take the example of McDonalds. Almost anyone can make a better burger than McDonalds, yet almost nobody comes close to the wealth that McDonalds has created. Why is that? It is because they have built a system that nearly runs on autopilot, and creates an almost guaranteed system of passive cash flow, if implemented correctly. These systems, and being able to analyze these systems is what allows this kind of wealth to be created.

It's most certainly not an easy task, but it is probably one of the most important things you can learn. I briefly touched upon this while talking about skills, but let's look back at the example of making your own YouTube intros. The reason why outsourcing that particular task is so worthwhile is because you can use that time for more productive tasks. The ability to delegate tasks to appropriately qualified and skilled people is an essential skill to learn in business as a whole. Just imagine this taken to the extreme. You have a team of people creating content, managing customer service, minding the website, posting on social media, and optimizing your ads. Imagine how much time would be saved, and how much more could be done with that same 24 hours that once you were working a day job and building your business! This is why less understanding people see the rich getting exponentially richer while those still stuck in the 9 to 5 grind seem to be getting left behind. It is because they have a foundational lack of understanding of systems and the analysis of systems.

The thing about this is that you don't have to be a super wealthy entrepreneur to build these wealth creation systems. There are many tools that take the basic tasks that need to be done and streamline them in a way that minimizes the need for constant input, if not outright automate some tasks as a whole.

One of these tools is called The Evergreen Wealth Formula.


The Evergreen Wealth Formula is wonderful because it helps automate tasks that would otherwise take lots of time to finish, but not much skill. Those systems that it does not automate, it streamlines to the point of ease.

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Don't want to spend time split testing sales funnels? The Evergreen Wealth Formula has premade funnels ready to go. Just upload them to your website and you're set.

Just look at some of the results people have gotten from implementing the tools in this system!

It seems too good to be true, right? Well, it absolutely can provide outstanding results for you, as long as you implement the initial steps to get this machine built and ready to go.

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