How To Drive Free Traffic To Your Website – 3 Tips

This was my very first video I made, back when the site was still two years ago. This was a very quick video I was able to put together using YouTube's creative commons, along with my first channel intro.

This video explains in short detail how to get more traffic, either to your website itself or to an landing page with your offer on it. The first tip is regarding facebook and other social media platforms. You'll want to follow top brands in your field or niche and comment regularly on their posts. Be sure to make these posts genuine and insightful, and it has a high probability of being pushed to the top. With this post getting enough attention, people may be curious about you, and click to view your brand page or profile. There your profile should begin taking your visitors into your sales funnel.

The second tip is to get yourself a blog and post regularly. There cannot be enough praises sung about having a blog, whether it is establishing yourself as an authority, building a community, or directing to a high quality sales funnel. The important thing about a blog is to keep your blog updated and be sure to populate it with high quality content, so people will be eager to consume and share. This tip will take much more work and application, but once you got a consistent flow of new content coming, this can be a windfall of traffic to your offers.

The last tip is a various grab bag of different tips smashed into a short narrated video. These are more general tips, but are worth taking notice of and implementing in your marketing application.


Use these tips to help grow the amount of traffic you can use for various purposes. Traffic is one of the most asked about and difficult aspects of internet marketing, but once you've built that initial system, it goes to work for you on autopilot as long as the infrastructure is still intact.

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